A ONE MAN/WOMAN SHOW .Our astronaut alone in space conducting experiments with food DNA manipulation and other experiments from the Hadron Collider , including what we now know at the God Particle , in the hope he can end world famine and gain information of how the universe came into being.

Alone in space gives the perfect opportunity to question life, religion , racism , politics , relationships and things that just fuck him off, without fear of being politically correct .Just a free flow of thoughts we all have every day, but never dare say out loud. He gives us his views and questions his own mortality, the existence of God UFO s and Alien intervention.

We see friends and family through incoming VT and pre-recorded messages where we find out about his life and those around them.

Experiments fail and he starts having bizarre dreams. Is he seeing things like his father before him? Are the visions real or is someone trying to tell him something? Due to the mix of experiments on board he has a breakthrough, with plant life suddenly growing at an expediential rate. Data that will alter the way the world is fed, The God Particle also starts to glow emitting an immense power source. This however causes an effect on the life support systems and suddenly his little world is threatened.

Earth control is seized by terrorists, rioting and religious fanatics where a bomb explodes.

With top secret information valuable to the President of the United States at stake they send a rescue mission that ends in catastrophe when the shuttle explodes before it can reach him. The shock wave flings the space station out of orbit into deep space with no rescue now possible.

All alone he is left to decide if all this is accidental or part of some great plan and if so who’s?

Don’t we all sometimes wish that we all had sometime?
To sit down and contemplate the life and the universe
I always thought I might write something down and
Perhaps add a chorus some lyrics or verse
Will I finally got my wish
And now seems as good a time as any
But surly the opening number should be big and exciting
There should be half naked girls
I sit watching the Curls
But it doesn’t get bigger than this?

The lights slowly come up and we see the man/woman is an astronaut staring out of a small window at the Earth alone on an orbiting space station

I was blasted from Earth at unlimited speed
With pressure so great
It tore at my soul
No orchestra played but the sound was invincible
Maybe this musicals one for the boys!
Now I am flying through space many miles from my home
As I watch it pass by through the smallest of windows
The opening scene is pretty spectacular
Shame that the only observer is me.
Awe in spiring.
The world sent me up here
At millions of dollars
A cost they could use on more meaningful things
This work its important
I do understand
There’s every experiment
Testing, computing
On vegetables, animals minerals and me
Yes it’s all information the scientists love
The hope we eradicate war and all famine
And yet politicians are
Still Kissing babies and rhetoric once again
Gets in the way
Whilst slowly I fly over
Africa .Yemen hey
Who says a musical can’t be political
But that’s not the way that I want this to go
The history of Man in a nutshell of course
As I spin in this tin can I know that’s ironic
We crawled from the slime
Was that God? Intervention?
I am still on the lookout for Aliens of course
Earths a 7 day wonder
A DNA marvel
A few crashing asteroids with ET genetics
That all seems pathetic as I sit in silence
The earth spins before me
Like me all alone
Fantastical Awe inspiring
Yes I can see that it must be creation
But it is what it is and that’s Awesome
The only time that word should ever be Used by the way!
I have never understood life
when you look for answers
it gets harder and harder
From here not from there
But I will give it a go
I have time for analysis
Please keep a diary the scientist’s crow
So my life………